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Race to a cure for ALS


Brian Wallach has already beaten the odds. Four years ago, he was diagnosed with ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – and given just six months to live. He's used that time to lobby for more research funds for dozens of clinical trials of promising drugs to combat the disease. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with Wallach and his wife, Sandra Abrevaya, about their organization, I Am ALS, and their unceasing efforts to expand treatments for ALS patients; and with Chris Snow, whose use of a promising experimental ALS treatment has already more than doubled his life expectancy. "CBS Sunday Morning" features stories on the arts, music, nature, entertainment, sports, history, science and Americana, and highlights unique human accomplishments and achievements. Check local listings for CBS Sunday Morning broadcast times. Subscribe to the "CBS Sunday Morning" YouTube channel: 🤍 Get more of "CBS Sunday Morning": 🤍 Follow "CBS Sunday Morning" on Instagram: 🤍 Like "CBS Sunday Morning" on Facebook: 🤍 Follow "CBS Sunday Morning" on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍

2-Minute Neuroscience: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a debilitating neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a progressive loss of motor function. ALS affects upper motor neurons and lower motor neurons. As these motor neurons stop working, muscles also begin to atrophy; this can eventually lead to respiratory failure, which is often the cause of death in ALS patients. The pathophysiology of ALS is not completely understood, but similar to other neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease it is characterized by clusters of dysfunctional proteins within neurons. In this video, I discuss ALS symptoms and pathophysiology. TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to 2 minute neuroscience, where I simplistically explain neuroscience topics in 2 minutes or less. In this installment I will discuss amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in the US and motor neuron disease in the UK, ALS is characterized both by muscle spasticity and a progressive weakening of the muscles. As the disease progresses, patients may lose hand and arm function, and experience difficulty walking, speaking, and even breathing. Respiratory failure is often the cause of death, and the average survival time from diagnosis is around 3-5 years. Although some cases of ALS are inherited, in the vast majority of cases the cause of ALS is unknown. ALS is a neurodegenerative disorder, meaning it is characterized by the degeneration and death of neurons. Specifically, the affected neurons in ALS are called upper and lower motor neurons. Upper motor neurons extend from the cerebral cortex or brainstem and carry motor information down to the spinal cord. Lower motor neurons extend from the spinal cord or brainstem to skeletal muscle to cause movement. Degeneration of upper motor neurons often is responsible for spasticity and modest weakness, but degeneration of lower motor neurons causes more disabling weakness. As the motor neurons stop working, muscles also begin to atrophy. Mutations in several genes have been linked to the development of ALS, but the effects of the mutations are not completely clear and the mechanism that causes neurodegeneration in ALS is still not understood. Similar to other neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, ALS is characterized by the accumulation of dysfunctional proteins within neurons. Although the impact of these protein groups or aggregates is unclear, it is hypothesized that they could impair neuronal function. There also are a number of other mechanisms proposed to play a role in neurodegeneration in ALS and it is likely more than one is involved. References: Morgan S, Orrell RW. Pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Br Med Bull. 2016 Sep;119(1):87-98. doi: 10.1093/bmb/ldw026. Rothstein JD. Current hypotheses for the underlying biology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Ann Neurol. 2009 Jan;65 Suppl 1:S3-9. doi: 10.1002/ana.21543.

ALS patients share about their life 5 years after 'Ice Bucket Challenge': Part 1 I Nightline


Motocross dad Thurman Maynard, former undercover cop Sarah Olsen and Pete Frates, who helped launch the "Ice Bucket Challenge," share their stories of hope, treatment and ongoing battles with ALS. WATCH NIGHTLINE EPISODES: 🤍 ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: 🤍 #Nightline #ALS #AmyotrophicLateralSclerosis #IceBucketChallenge

The Brewing FDA Battle Over ALS Treatment


Desperate families, mixed data, and a drugmaker eager to address need and profit. Bloomberg's Robert Langreth explains the brewing fight over the approval of a new treatment for the paralyzing illness ALS and how it could set a precedent for treatments of neurodegenerative diseases. #ALS #Prognosis #Bloomberg Like this video? Subscribe: 🤍 Become a Quicktake Member for exclusive perks: 🤍 Subscribe to Quicktake Explained: 🤍 QuickTake Originals is Bloomberg's official premium video channel. We bring you insights and analysis from business, science, and technology experts who are shaping our future. We’re home to Hello World, Giant Leap, Storylines, and the series powering CityLab, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Green, and much more. Subscribe for business news, but not as you've known it: exclusive interviews, fascinating profiles, data-driven analysis, and the latest in tech innovation from around the world. Visit our partner channel QuickTake News for breaking global news and insight in an instant.

Leah's ALS Story


Leah shares her experience being diagnosed and living with ALS. She also discusses the urgent need for advancements in science that will lead to potential treatments.

A physician's Brief But Spectacular take on living with ALS


For 30 years, Dr. Joel Shamaskin was a primary care physician in Rochester, New York. When he received a life-changing ALS diagnosis in 2016, he channeled his energy into what mattered most his family and his community. He offers his Brief But Spectacular take on living with ALS. Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: 🤍 Find more from PBS NewsHour at 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: 🤍 Newsletters: 🤍

ALS: The Early Stages


(Visit: 🤍 Dr. Geoffrey Sheean describes a list of symptoms ALS typically presents with early on, and explains that, because these symptoms often mimic the ordinary effects of the aging process, early detection is often difficult. To Watch the Whole Show Visit: 🤍 Series: "The UC Wellbeing Channel " [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 31227]

Diagnosing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS


In this video, from our Neurology Masterclass: Managing Common Diseases course, we review amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a relentless progressive disorder involving degeneration of motor neurons in the spinal cord, brainstem and corticospinal tracts. There are no definitive biomarkers or imaging findings for ALS. But extensive blood work and imaging should still be performed to rule out other differential diagnoses. ⏯Start the Neurology Masterclass: Managing Common Diseases course for FREE now: 🤍 It's time to demystify the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders commonly seen in primary and acute care situations. Check out our course library and register for a free trial account: 🤍

How An ALS Patient Battled With Choosing His Last Day | NBC News


How do you choose your last day on Earth? When George Gallegos was diagnosed with ALS, he found himself facing a grim future with a disease that slowly kills the muscles in a person’s body. But with the passing of Colorado's End of Life Options Act, he suddenly had a choice: to die from his disease or to take life-ending medication. NBC News spent the last three months of his life with him to capture the visible struggles of ALS and George’s inner conflict to decide his last day. » Subscribe to NBC News: 🤍 » Watch more NBC video: 🤍 NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and engaging news stories. NBC News Digital features,,, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and the existing apps and digital extensions of these respective properties. We deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism and segments from your favorite NBC News Shows. Connect with NBC News Online! Visit NBCNews.Com: 🤍 Find NBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Instagram: 🤍 How An ALS Patient Battled With Choosing His Last Day | NBC News

New Jersey Mother Fighting Aggressive Form Of ALS


Thousands of people from all over the world are rallying behind a New Jersey mother fighting an aggressive form of ALS. In the last few months, she has lost her ability to walk and talk. Doctors say one drug is her last hope, but she's being denied the opportunity to take it and time is running out; CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.

When love is stronger than ALS: Lynn Hogan’s story


"Like any bride-to-be, I’m counting down the days to my wedding. With our big day just a few months away, Steve and I are making guest lists, picking menus and debating about whether to go with a DJ or a band. We are just like any other couple, madly in love and excited to celebrate our marriage with a close group of family and friends. What makes us different from other couples is that Steve has ALS and we know that growing old together will not be in the cards." - Lynn Hogan

Mechanism of Disease: ALS


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal, adult-onset neurodegenerative disorder. Symptoms include progressive muscle weakness, paralysis and respiratory complications. Learn more about how the disease progresses in adults.

What are the causes of ALS?


This video discusses the known and unknown causes of ALS and the ongoing research being conducted to better understand the disease. Don't forget to check out the other ALS videos on this channel to learn more about this disease! This video was made by McMaster University Demystifying Medicine students Sabrina, Brenna, Krupali and Udari Subscribe to the McMaster Demystifying Medicine YouTube channel: 🤍 This video is provided for general and educational information only. Please consult your health care provider for Information about your health. #DemystifyingMedicine #ALS Copyright McMaster University 2018 To learn more about ALS from the official site: 🤍 Scientific article for more information on ALS: 🤍

New ALS Treatment Approved By The FDA


A new ALS treatment is getting approval from the FDA thanks in part to funds raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge, but its approval is being met with some controversy. NBC News' Niala Charles explains. » Subscribe to NBC News: 🤍 » Watch more NBC video: 🤍 NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and engaging news stories. NBC News Digital features,,, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and the existing apps and digital extensions of these respective properties. We deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism and segments from your favorite NBC News Shows. Connect with NBC News Online! NBC News App: 🤍 Breaking News Alerts: 🤍 Visit NBCNews.Com: 🤍 Find NBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Twitter: 🤍 #TopStoryWithTomLlamas #FDA #ALS

Signs and Symptoms of ALS


ALS is a disease that attacks the nerves which control muscle movement. Learn more at 🤍

A 47-year-old, Armida Bragas, was diagnosed with ALS | Salamat Dok


"Salamat Dok" looks into the case of 47-year-old Armida Bragas, who was diagnosed with the progressive neurodegenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) For more Salamat Dok videos, click the link below: 🤍 To watch the latest updates on Taal Volcano Eruption 2020, click the link below: 🤍 To watch Matanglawin videos, click link below: 🤍 Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - 🤍 Watch the full episodes of Salamat Dok on TFC.TV 🤍 and on iWant for Philippine viewers, click: 🤍 Visit our website at 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #SalamatDok #ABSCBNNews

ALS Progression


Dr. Bedlack describes the general patterns of how ALS progresses throughout the body. Learn more at 🤍 Dr. Richard Bedlack is an ALS neurologist and the Director of the Duke ALS Clinic. He has both an MD and PhD in neuroscience. Dr. Bedlack is an active researcher who has worked with thousands of people living with ALS. Your ALS Guide is the leading educational website for people living with ALS, caregivers, family, friends, and professionals. Find educational guides, expert videos, practical tips, helpful resources, and more at 🤍.

ALS: een introductie - dr. Michael van Es


Dr. Michael van Es, neuroloog bij het UMC Utrecht en ALS Centrum Nederland geeft in deze video een introductie over ALS, symptomen, behandeling en wetenschappelijk onderzoek.

Living with ALS - The Symptoms and The Power of Positive Thinking


This is just an average morning for Kevin Swan.He shows how to live a healthy and productive life despite of having ALS. His shfirst symptoms started in the summer of 2010. Please subscribe to our channel! For more information about our research partner, please go to 🤍 To get more information about A Life Story Foundation, please go to 🤍 Please select us as your charity of choice on Amazon 🤍

Problemen in denken en gedrag bij ALS (overzicht)


Het ALS Centrum ontwikkelde een speciale informatiepagina over cognitieve en gedragsproblemen bij ALS, PSMA of PLS. 50% van de mensen met ALS, PSMA of PLS krijgt - naast de fysieke problemen - ook te maken met problemen in denken en gedrag. In 5 tot 10% van de gevallen gaat het zelfs om een ernstige vorm van dementie: frontotemporale dementie of FTD. Op de pagina vindt u o.a. een aantal video's met uitleg, ervaringen uit de praktijk en veel tips. Meer informatie: 🤍

Living with ALS for decades: The long struggle and complex questions patients face


WGN's Medical Reporter Dina Bair has more on the struggles faced by ALS patients and the obstacles they have to overcome when it comes to their health and family.

5 Wat is ALS (jongeren)


Video uit de serie 'ALS in het gezin' Meer informatie: 🤍

Die Trying - The Battle For ALS Treatment (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 16)


The 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions of dollars for ALS, a fatal neurodegenerative disease. While the social media wave gave new life to ALS research, there is still no viable treatment, and access to experimental drugs is limited. Battling ALS herself, VICE editor Angelina Fanous meets with patients and top researchers across the U.S. to find out what's being done to tackle this devastating disease and the regulatory hurdles faced by ALS patients and drugmakers alike. Click here to subscribe to VICE: 🤍 Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Videos, daily editorial and more: 🤍 More videos from the VICE network: 🤍 Like VICE on Facebook: 🤍 Follow VICE on Twitter: 🤍 Read our Tumblr: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Check out our Pinterest: 🤍 Download VICE on iOS: 🤍 Download VICE on Android: 🤍

Nervenkrankheit ALS | Rundum gesund


Über die Krankheit ALS, die Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose, wissen Mediziner bisher nur sehr wenig. Was sie aber wissen ist, dass dabei in Gehirn und Rückenmark Nervenzellen absterben, die die Muskeln steuern. Es kommt zu Muskelschwäche und Lähmungen - bis hin zum Tod. Gebhardt Buchenthal aus Aachen weiß seit drei Jahren, dass er ALS hat. Aufhalten lässt er sich von seiner Krankheit aber nicht. SWR-Kanal abonnieren: 🤍 Willkommen auf dem offiziellen YouTube-Kanal des Südwestrundfunks! Hier erwarten euch täglich Highlights unserer aktuellen Sendungen, beliebte Comedy, Serien und spannende Reportagen! Wir nehmen in “odysso” die Welt der Wissenschaft und Forschung unter die Lupe und hören im "Nachtcafé" den Geschichten interessanter Leute zu. Mit "Lecker aufs Land" gehen wir auf kulinarische Reisen in ländliche Gebiete und bei "mal ehrlich …" beschäftigen wir uns mit gesellschaftspolitischen Themen. Bei der "Matthias Richling Show" gibt's Kabarett vom Feinsten und Pierre M. Krause entführt regelmäßig zu Promis nach Hause. Wir haben tägliche Updates auf dem Kanal, also am besten gleich abonnieren damit ihr nichts verpasst! SWR - Am besten Südwesten!

Dr. Josh Wandell on life 3 years after ALS diagnosis


Dr. Josh Wandell on life 3 years after ALS diagnosis

ALS-patiënt Conny kan door technologische innovatie blijven communiceren


Conny van der Meijden (58) lijdt al twintig jaar aan de dodelijke spierziekte ALS en verliest langzaam het vermogen om te kunnen communiceren. Met hulp van innovatieve technologie kan voorkomen worden dat zij dit vermogen volledig kwijtraakt.

ALS-patiënt Marieke Bakker, 33 jaar


In deze video vertelt Marieke over ALS, wat de impact is van de ziekte op haar leven en waarom het zo belangrijk is dat we onderzoek naar deze genadeloze ziekte blijven financieren.

Pennsylvania man battling ALS receives 'promising' new treatment at Philly hospital


Todd Legg has a rare form of ALS identified as SOD1-ALS. Legg said his mother and aunt died from the disease, and five family members in his generation have the gene mutation for SOD1. He's now participating in a promising new drug for people living with the disease. Philadelphia news, weather, traffic and sports from FOX 29, serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Watch breaking news live or see the latest videos from programs like Good Day Philadelphia. Subscribe to FOX 29: 🤍 Watch FOX 29 live: 🤍 Watch more FOX 29 News on YouTube: 🤍 Download the FOX 29 News app: 🤍 Download the FOX 29 Weather app: 🤍 Follow FOX 29 on Facebook: 🤍 Follow FOX 29 on Twitter: 🤍 Follow FOX 29 on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to FOX 29's newsletters: 🤍

Maintaining Intimacy During a Journey With ALS


ALS impacts many aspects of life; consider options in maintaining, reclaiming, and reinventing active relationships.

【難病】指が動いた!ALSと闘う女性 家族への思い 山梨 NNNセレクション


ALS(筋萎縮性側索硬化症)は全身の筋肉が徐々に衰え体を動かすことができなくなる難病。発症から8年…体のほとんどが動かなくなりながらも、難病と闘う女性を取材する。 (山梨放送「YBSワイドニュース」 2023年4月7日放送) 【YBS山梨放送Youtube公式チャンネル】🤍 【YBS山梨放送HP】🤍 【YBSアプリ】🤍 ◇日本テレビ報道局のSNS Twitter 🤍 TikTok 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 ◇【最新ニュース配信中】日テレNEWS 🤍 #山梨放送 #ALS #筋萎縮性側索硬化症 #リハビリ #最先端 #NNN #難病 #病気 #命 #生きる #家族 #母 #夫婦 #山梨放送 #YBS #NNN #日テレ​​ #ニュース​​

Het verhaal van Alexis, vrouw van ALS-patiënt Richard


Richard heeft sinds 2012 ALS. Hij is getrouwd met Alexis, samen hebben zij zoon Jonah. In deze video vertelt zij over wat het voor haar betekent dat haar man Richard ALS heeft.

See my ALS progression over 1 year


My orthotist’s favorite patient. And I’m considered a slow progressor! #ALS #endALS #findacure #wheelchair #mobilityaid #afo #braces #rollator #walking #neurodegenerative #orthotist #orthotics #oneyear

Ask Me Anything ALS - Women Living with ALS


Ask Me Anything ALS is an idea born out of the community where I AM ALS advocates living with and impacted by ALS come together to answer questions from an audience of people who are seeking more information about a specific topic. The Ask Me Anything ALS - Women Living with ALS event focused on the unique challenges women face with ALS, including body image and body changes, working and the decision to retire early, dating and socializing, and platonic relationships. This conversation covered those challenges and more, as well as ways women living with ALS have navigated their ALS journey and found hope along the way. About ALS ALS is a disease that attacks cells in the body that control movement. It makes the brain stop talking to the muscles, causing increased paralysis over time. Ultimately, ALS patients become prisoners within their own bodies, unable to eat, breathe, or move on their own. Their mind, however, often remains sharp so they are aware of what’s happening to them. About I AM ALS I AM ALS is a patient-led community that provides critical support and resources to patients, caregivers and loved ones. We empower advocates to raise mainstream awareness and lead the revolution against ALS in driving the development of cures. Find out more on their website: 🤍

Meet Anthony, Coping With ALS | My Last Days


At age 26, Anthony was diagnosed with ALS. Though he will eventually lose the ability to move his body, his loved ones are helping him find ways to continue doing the thing he loves: photography. Tune in to the CW on May 22 to watch the newest season of My Last Days. Created by Justin Baldoni. Made in collaboration with Wayfarer and SoulPancake. Follow Justin 🤍 🤍 We love to connect with YOU, no matter what language you speak. Help SoulPancake create captions in your language by clicking here: 🤍 ▃ ▅ ▆ SUBSCRIBE to SoulPancake ▆ ▅ ▃ 🤍 THE SPOONFUL, our weekly dose of good stuff from across the web: 🤍 Buy our BOOK: 🤍 Follow us on FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWEET us at: 🤍 Visit our WEBSITE: 🤍

Wat is ALS animatie


Amyotrofische Laterale Sclerose, is een dodelijke zenuw-spierziekte waarbij de signalen van uit de hersenen niet meer aankomen bij de spieren, met als gevolg dat één voor één de spieren uitvallen. Hierdoor kan je steeds minder zelf zoals bewegen, praten, eten en drinken. Meestal overlijdt iemand met ALS omdat de ademhalingsspieren er ook mee ophouden. In Nederland lijden ongeveer 1500 mensen aan ALS. Jaarlijks komen daar 500 patiënten bij maar overlijden er ook weer 500 mensen aan de gevolgen van deze ziekte. Over de oorzaak van ALS is nog maar weinig bekend en er bestaat nog geen geneesmiddel. Hoop op een toekomst – met een gemiddelde levensverwachting van 3 tot 5 jaar na de eerste klachten– is er dus nog niet. Er is maar één manier om ALS de wereld uit te helpen: wetenschappelijk onderzoek, om een oorzaak en een behandeling te kunnen vinden. Omdat we nog maar zo weinig weten over het ontstaan wordt in onderzoek echt alles meegenomen: omgevingsfactoren, de rol van voeding tot aan het DNA. Dit is een dure aangelegenheid zonder structurele hulp of subsidies vanuit de overheid en daarom is Stichting ALS Nederland zo belangrijk. Zij maakt samen met het ALS Centrum onderzoek mogelijk. De stichting financiert het grootste gedeelte van dit onderzoek uit donaties en giften, terwijl Prof. Dr. Leonard van den Berg en zijn team zich buigen over het mysterie van het ontstaan van ALS. Want als dat duidelijk is, kan er veel gerichter worden gewerkt aan het ontwikkelen van een medicijn of therapie. Daarnaast richt de stichting zich op de kwaliteit van leven en zorg van ALS-patiënten en hun familieleden. Want als je zenuwcellen in je hersenen en ruggenmerg afsterven, kun je steeds minder zelf. Dit vraagt veel zorg. Familie en vrienden kunnen misschien niet alle zorg geven. Ook voor hen is het zwaar. De laatste jaren is de naamsbekendheid van ALS flink toegenomen. Door onze campagnes waarin overleden ALS patiënten de hoofdrol spelen en fantastische initiatieven zoals de Amsterdam City Swim, de Tour du ALS en de Rainbow Run 040 staat ALS inmiddels op de kaart. Het volgende doel is om ALS van de kaart te krijgen. Ook jij kan het verschil maken als donateur of initiatiefnemer van een evenement t.b.v. fondsenwerving voor Stichting ALS. VECHT MEE TEGEN EEN GENADELOZE ZIEKTE 🤍

Steve Smith, former NFL player with ALS fighting for full settlement


Former Oakland Raider Steve Smith, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2002, and his wife Chie have fired their attorney after suspecting the attorney could try to double dip on the NFL concussion settlement. (DMN video/editing: Tom Fox)

Support the discovery of effective treatments and cures for ALS: Meet Valerie | The Disruptors


Meet our fifth disruptor Valerie Estess. Find out how Valerie and her team at Project ALS, identify and fund research that will lead to the discovery of effective treatments and cures for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and help better understand this disease. #thedisruptors 🤍 🤍 🤍

Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose (ALS): Fakten, Symptome und Therapie


Die Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose (kurz ALS) wurde erstmals 1869 vom Urvater der modernen Neurologie Jean-Martin Charcot beschrieben. Mehr als 150 Jahre und hunderte klinische Studien später gilt die Krankheit nach wie vor als nicht heilbar. Die chronisch-degenerative Erkrankung betrifft das zentrale Nervensystem. Noch genauer: Eine ALS führt zum Abbau des ersten und/oder zweiten Motoneurons im Gehirn und Rückenmark. An ALS erkrankte Menschen leiden daher an fortschreitender Muskellähmung und sind früh auf einen Rollstuhl angewiesen. Später haben sie auch Schwierigkeiten beim Schlucken, Sprechen oder Atmen. In diesem eindrucksvollen Schulungsvideo erhalten Sie von unserem Experten Dr. Sven Lerch einen besonders fachlichen und detaillierten Einblick in die typischen Symptome und Verlaufsformen einer ALS. Erfahren Sie, wie die Krankheit diagnostiziert und therapiert wird, welche Komplikationen in der Spätphase auftreten können und wie Sie mithilfe spezialisierter Netzwerkpartner Betroffene und Angehörige begleiten und unterstützen. Lerninhalte: Grundlegende Fakten Geschichte der ALS Häufigkeit 1. und/oder 2. Motoneuron Symptome und Verlaufsformen Diagnostik & Differenzialdiagnosen Therapie Komplikationen der Spätphase Netzwerkpartner

น่ากลัวที่สุด! โรคกล้ามเนื้ออ่อนแรง ALS, รู้จักไว้ แต่อย่าเป็นนะครับ / Your friend is a doctor EP.27


ขอเล่าเรื่องกล้ามเนื้ออ่อนแรงอีกโรค วันนี้เล่าเรื่อง ALS ครับ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis เป็นโรคที่น่ากลัวมาก และสาเหตุก็ยังไม่แน่ชัด การรักษาให้หาย ยังไม่มี รายละเอียดเป็นยังไง ไปเรียนรู้ด้วยกันครับ

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