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[3.5] Losing my mind over the Primordial One - Genshin Impact Lore/Theory


Something's never really sat quite right with me in regards to the Primordial One... "MAY" have been Phanes? Why is there room for doubt?! Well, in this video let's dig a little deeper and maybe we can answer that infamous question - Who exactly IS the Primordial One? Is it Phanes? Or someone else? Related Videos Which Witch? A Deep Dive in the Hexenzirkel - 🤍 Magenta - 🤍 Timestamps No timestamps. This is one long ramble. Sources/Citations/Further Reading Nyx - 🤍 Nyx - 🤍 Phanes - 🤍 Moirai - 🤍 Orphic Mythology - 🤍 Orpheus - 🤍 Before Sun and Moon - 🤍 Flowers of Paradise Lost - 🤍 Staff of the Scarlet Sands - 🤍 Luminiferous Aether - 🤍

Genshin Impact Timeline Animation - EP1 | Memories of Teyvat: Before Sun and Moon


#HoYoverse #GenshinImpact #Genshin Special thanks to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this video! Before Sun and Moon chronicles the unknown history of Teyvat that ordinary folk have been forbidden to read. It tells the tales of belligerent dragon sovereigns, a war vanquished, the Primordial One, and a goddess whose existence was lost to time and the tendrils of a thousand winds… Excited to finally show you this project I've been working on! Note that this video is an interpretation of the early history of Genshin as told in the Byakuyakoku Collection "Before Sun and Moon" and might not necessarily be accurate to the original Genshin timeline! #GenshinLore #GenshinTheory #Enkanomiya Download FREE: 🤍 ⟡ I'm your leify lore streamer Minsleif ⟡ “I read the Genshin Impact lore so that you don’t have to” ⟡ 🤍 (for Genshin Lore streams and discussions!) ⟡ 🤍

[2.4] 10 Things To Know About The First God (Primordial One) in Genshin Impact


Primordial One. Original God. Everything in this video is from the book "Before Sun and Moon" found in Enkanomiya. I hope you enjoy the video :D 💙 Support me directly Like & Subscribe! Membership: 🤍 🎵 Music Yu-Peng Chen 🤍 HOYO-MiX #GenshinImpact

Exposing The FAKE Gods In Celestia 💀


not to be taken seriously Instagram ► 🤍 Twitch ► 🤍 Email: dennis877🤍 Full mysterious letter decoded ( The Chasm Letter ) From: Discord User Alchemist Gold Reddit link: 🤍 #GenshinImpact #원신 #原神

[3.7] Who is the Primordial One? | Genshin Impact Theory


Hey guys, Chop here! Recently I've been studying a lot of academic sources related to Gnosticism, so this is the beginning of these more advanced findings in relation to Genshin Impact. From this, I've been able to theorise a basis for who the Primordial One is, as well as where they may be. Given the lackluster information we currently have on this figure, a lot of what I suggest is very subjective and as such I avoid definitive answers where this is a very minute amount of evidence to sway an opinion. Even in these matters, I still provide a solid foundation for possibilities and state my hypothesis on which is most likely in my opinion. In addition to pondering these questions, an answer to who hands out visions is potentially answered, too, which is a big result of this theory. There will be more theories that come from my recent studying, so keep an eye out! Until then, Chop out, bye! There are three of my theory videos that I reference in this video, so I thought I'd put them in the description for you to find if you're interested :D [3.5] Who Controls Fate in Teyvat? | Genshin Impact Theory: 🤍 [3.5] Gnostic Chorus Revealed and Explained | Genshin Impact Theory: 🤍 Elemental Colour Theory | Genshin Impact: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Twitch: 🤍

The Four Shades | Genshin Impact Theory


theory by my friend u/Phanes_The_Gigachad on Reddit & me!! Zhongli voiceline about Celestia: 🤍 The tweet about the sarcophagus: 🤍 ❃ Also Watch : The Secret of Celestia: 🤍 The Great Calamity: 🤍 Paimon the Primordial One: 🤍 King Deshret & Morax are brothers: 🤍 Alhaitham is King Deshret: 🤍 Morax Sun God: 🤍 How Mora is created: 🤍 Azhdaha the Geo Sovereign: 🤍 ❃ Tags : #genshin #genshinimpactlore #genshintheory #genshinimpacttheory #genshinlore #genshinimpact #morax #zhongli #khaenriah #venti #raidenshogun #raidenei #istaroth #venti #nahida #paimon #dainsleif #paimon #aether #lumine #gnosis #kingdeshret #scarletking #unknowngod #asmoday #celestia

Paradise Lost: The Primordial One & the Celestial Nails (Genshin Impact Lore, Theory, & Speculation)


Minor spoilers (??) for Genshin Impact version 3.3. I mean, it's just new artifact set lore. The new artifact set "Flower of Paradise Lost" details the history of the Goddess of Flowers and King Deshret / the Scarlet King (Rukkhadevata is also kinda there). This set reveals an abundance of information regarding the Primordial One, the Celestial Nails, the unified civilization, the war with the Second Throne, the stars and the abyss, Forbidden Knowledge, the Goddess's exile from Celestia as a seelie, the trio during the Archon War, and the eventual destruction of Ay-Khanoum. As usual, this is a short overview with an abundance of tinfoil hat theories, and mostly me just rambling into the void. ✨ Katie and Owlet stream Genshin here: 🤍 ✨ The History of the Outlander Twins: 🤍 ✨ Check out my Genshin lore playlist! 🤍 #genshinimpact #genshinlore #genshin

The Primordial One, Celestia, and Teyvat | Genshin Lore Origins


Join the Discord! : 🤍 The origins of the Primordial one, Celestia, and Teyvat can be very complicated. Much of the information comes from Istaroth's writings in the Byakokuyakoku Collection. Most of the other references are posted in the video but if I left anything out feel free to let me know.

The Primordial Ones Secret Just Got Revealed..| 3.3 Genshin Impact Recap & Speculation


thank you all for watching! what do you think about the new lore bombs that got dropped in 3.3? tiktok : 🤍iamsyncx Music Credits 🎵 ALL Music Used In Video belongs to Yu-Peng Chen & HOYO-Mix. © All rights reserved by miHoYo. Other properties belong to their respective owners. #genshin #genshinimpact #seelies #paimon #isaroth

the four shades


artifact theory: 🤍 music: thomas gresen - good place #genshinimpact #celestia #thefourshades #genshintheories #theprimordialone #greekmythology

The BIGGEST Plot Twist in Genshin Impact


#genshinimpact #hoyocreators #genshinlore Not to be taken seriously ▼ EXPAND ME ▼ Dainsleif edit by 🤍jared_nyts on Twitter : 🤍 Voiced by 🤍Minsleif : 🤍 Discord Server ► 🤍 Tipping page ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitch ► 🤍 Email ►dennis877🤍

Paimon IS NOT the Unknown God (Sustainer)? Shinning Shade of the First God (Primordial One) Theory


Like n Sub if you liked it. Come say hey and banter on the comments. EXPAND ME = TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro Hook 01:02 Paimon is Istaroth/Kairos The God of Time 01:38 Why Paimon was Drowning, Who really is Paimon 02:06 Why Paimon has no Memories 02:58 The Sustainer and Paimon are NOT THE SAME 04:20 Comparison of Paimon and Unknown God (Sustainer) -EYES 05:00 Triquetra on Paimon 05:18 Paimon's "Celestial Motifs" 05:41 Overall Design Difference 06:08 PAIMON's CROWN & THE PRIMORDIAL CROWN 06:27 Explaining the Four-pointed Star 09:14 Backing the Theory of The Second One 11:03 Ending Statements EVERYTHING related to GENSHIN IMPACT HERE!!! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 (ALL but Korean and Japanese) Discord: 🤍 (ALL but Chinese) Reddit: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Forums: 🤍 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA HERE!!! post memes on Facebook:🤍 rarely use Twitter: 🤍 barely post on Instagram:🤍 ihave a tiktok now!!: 🤍

The Traveler is a Primordial Shade || Genshin Impact Theory


Oh boy, is this one out there! And yet, the boundaries of what is impossible in this game keep getting pushed farther away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ SOCIALS: Twitter: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 #genshin #genshinimpact #genshinimpactlore #genshintheory #lumine #aether #phanes #sustainer #nahida #kusanali #irminsul #sumeru #sumerugenshinimpact #venti #barbatos #istaroth

Exposing The TRUE IDENTITY of Unknown God (Stop Calling Her Paimon)


Not to be taken seriously ▼ EXPAND ME ▼ Unkown God in game edit by: At Jared's Place 🤍 Discord Server ► 🤍 Tipping page ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitch ► 🤍 Email ►dennis877🤍 Music Used: Vegeta Super Saiyan Theme [2018 Epic Cinematic Cover] By : DDRMR link: 🤍 Stranger Things Theme Song (C418 REMIX) Detective Conan OST #GenshinImpact #원신 #原神

The Origin of Teyvat in Genshin World and 4 shades of Primordial One


Abyss is a mysterious and dangerous realm that players can explore in the popular action RPG game Genshin Impact. This realm is full of powerful enemies, challenging puzzles, and valuable rewards for those brave enough to venture into its depths. In the Abyss, players must navigate through multiple floors, each with its own set of challenges and enemies. Along the way, they'll encounter powerful bosses and uncover hidden treasures that can help them progress through the game. Abyss is a thrilling and challenging part of Genshin Impact that offers a unique and rewarding experience for players who are up for the challenge. Tags: #GenshinImpact #Abyss #Genshin #spiralabyss #Adventure #Gaming #VideoGames #Explore #Challenge #Bosses #Treasures #OpenWorld

There’s Literally ANGELS In Genshin Impact And No One Realised


not to be taken seriously If you’re a streamer feel free to watch/react to my theories on your stream or clip it for YouTube i will not copyright claim/strike it (but appropriate credit is appreciate ) Instagram ► 🤍 Twitch ► 🤍 Email: dennis877🤍 MUSIC USED: Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear | Champion Theme - League of Legends Link: 🤍 Aatrox, the Darkin Blade | Login Screen - League of Legends Link: 🤍 prolly my spookiest beat Link: 🤍 Epilogue Dark Souls Link: 🤍 Detective Conan Theme Link: 🤍 Xue hua piao piao HOLY EDITION Link : 🤍 Tearless Souls of Byakuya Link: 🤍 #GenshinImpact #원신 #原神

[2.4] Enkanomiya Recap Part Two: Teyvat's Pre-history - A Genshin Impact Theory


In this video we have a quick recap of the prehistoric events of the book, Before Sun and Moon, followed by some speculation, exploration of real world inspirations, and a pretty out-there theory about the Four Shades of the Primordial One. Surprisingly, I have even more to say than I could fit into this video, so there will be another theory based on Teyvat's Pre-history to follow. Timestamps 0:00 Intro 1:20 Disclaimer 2:00 Before Sun and Moon (recap) 10:50 TL;DR Summary 12:15 The Primordial One and Phanes (mythology & analysis) 25:15 The Shades, Tarot, and Artifacts 35:45 Translation Footnote 39:00 Video Recap & Summary 40:05 Outro Referenced Videos (by me) Enkanomiya Recap + Analysis 🤍 Enkanomiya + Corrected Timeline 🤍 Rhinestone Alchemist 🤍 The World Structure of Teyvat 🤍 What's in the Box? 🤍 Further Reading and Source Material PASH Interview with Genshin developers (translated) 🤍 *Genshin Impact Wiki Before Sun and Moon 🤍 Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies 🤍 Three Moon Sisters 🤍 Enkanomiya Summary 🤍 Artifacts 🤍 *Mythological Sources Horae 🤍 Dionysus 🤍 Shade (Greek mythology) 🤍 Hesiod (for his Theogony) 🤍 Chaos 🤍 Orphism 🤍 🤍 🤍 Primordial Gods 🤍 Phanes 🤍 🤍 🤍 Zagreus 🤍 Doves 🤍 Noah's Ark 🤍 Tarot 🤍 🤍 🤍 *Misc Sources History of Submarines 🤍

Is that the Primordial One?👀 Genshin impact God #shorts


Is that the primordial one genshin impact God? #genshin #genshinimpact #genshinlore #shorts

Zhongli Been Hiding This Secret For TWO YEARS 💀


Not to be taken seriously ▼ EXPAND ME ▼ Archon Zhongli by Angry Wolf 🤍AmousWolf on twitter 🤍 Discord Server ► 🤍 Tipping page ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitch ► 🤍 Email ►dennis877🤍 #GenshinImpact #원신 #原神

Exposing Zhongli’s True Identity (real)


Not to be taken seriously ▼ EXPAND ME ▼ Discord Server ► 🤍 Tipping page ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitch ► 🤍 Email ►dennis877🤍 Archon Zhongli by Angry Wolf 🤍AmousWolf on twitter 🤍 Narration by da🤍Minsleif #GenshinImpact #원신 #原神



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Revealing the Identity of the Primordial One | Genshin Impact Theory/Lore


In this lore theory speculation analysis video, I talk about the primordial one's identities and their connections to Orphic theogenies and Greek mythology. DISCLAIMER: This is a Theory, it is by no means, factual, confirmed, nor indicative of any final product. Its all fun little speculations and "what ifs". Socials: Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #genshinimpact #genshin

Fan-made Animation-Pt.1 | 3 mins to know about Teyvat's Secret History: Before Sun & Moon


Thank you to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this video, and to YOMIHOLIC CO., LTD. for the animation! Out of all the books in Genshin Impact, Before Sun and Moon is by far the most important. This book changed everything we knew about the history of Teyvat - a time before the rule of the seven archons. This video is an animated interpretation of the events that led up to the fall of the vishap sovereigns, the rise of humanity, and the fate of Enkanomiya as told in the book Before Sun and Moon. Please keep in mind that the content of this video may differ from the actual Genshin timeline.

Phanes, Istaroth and the Parable of the Tree | Sun & Moon Pt. 1.5 | Genshin Impact Theory


Phanes, Istaroth and the Parable of the Tree | Genshin Impact Theory This is my second entry in the Sun & Moon series, but it isn't part 2! Nope, Mihoyo decided to drop Enkanomiya, so there was no way I couldn't talk about it. In this video, I'm going to cover the incredibly sus origins of Teyvat, this so-called "Primordial One" Phanes and their Shades, the God of Time Istaroth and how Paimon definitely connects to her, the Parable of the Tree, and my theories/speculations on all of the above. A lot of this video is mythology-heavy, so get ready! ▼great videos to watch!▼ Whale Milk's Statue of the Omnipresent God video: 🤍 Teyvat Historia's Dainsleif video: 🤍 ▼timestamps▼ 0:00 Intro 2:05 Before Sun & Moon (Summary) 5:20 The Mythos of Phanes, Ananke & the Ouroboros 9:51 The Primordial One's "Shining Shades" 12:21 Istaroth, Astaroth, and Inanna 15:41 Paimon and Demeter 19:06 The Statue of the Omnipresent God & Istaroth 21:09 The Parable of the Tree 22:27 Istaroth, the Moon Sisters, and the Irminsul Tree 26:05 The First Seelie 27:28 Phanes' "True" Identity 32:00 Honkai Impact Parallels 34:39 The New Tree Spirit and the King's gardener 36:14 Final Thoughts 37:13 THE END ♫ hits that just don't quit ♫ ▼[in order of appearance]▼ K's Theme | "K" Anime Singularity | Persona 5 Strikers Shadows Withal | Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Enkanomiya Battle Theme 1 (not official name) | Genshin Impact Full Fathom Five | Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Sands of Amber | Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Sophia's Shop | Persona 5 Strikers Beats of Water Drops Enkanomiya Remix (not official name) | Genshin Impact Papaya | Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn Dainichi Mikoshi tracks (instrumentals and vocals, not official name) | Genshin Impact Regression | Honkai Impact 3rd Sophia's Shop (again) | Persona 5 Strikers The Extreme | Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. #genshinimpact #genshinimpacttheory

KLEE is the PRIMORDIAL ONE || Genshin Impact Theory


God is an explosive little red girl, can you believe it? Videos about Project ARK in Genshin: -Ashikai: 🤍 -Arlun Grim: 🤍 Video about Project ARK in Genshin + Griseo: -Homu Labs: 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~ SOCIALS: Twitter: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 #genshin #genshinimpact #genshintheory #genshinimpacttheory #genshinlore #rhinedottir #andersdotter #nicolegenshin #alicegenshin #genshinalice #griseo #honkai #honkaiimpact3 #honkaiimpact3rd #griseo #projectark #primordialone #phanes #istaroth

the MOST IMPORTANT Genshin Lore was HIDDEN from you


the true origins of Teyvat and why it might be important to Nahida's story quest 🌸 Socials Twitch: Twitter: Discord:

5 civilisations DESTROYED by CELESTIA #genshinimpact #shorts


#shorts Top 5 civilizations destroyed by celestia. I upload genshin related shorts daily. If you like the video, please consider subscribing for more. •Music - 🤍 from Genshin Impact • Copyright Disclaimer - Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. •About Genshin Impact - Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android in 2020, and on PlayStation 5 in 2021. The game is also set for release on Nintendo Switch. #genshinimpact #原神 #genshinshorts #genshinedit #genshinimpactshorts #genshinimpactedit

The First God of Genshin that You Didnt Know About | Enkanomiya Lore Explained


Like n Sub if you liked it. Come say hey and banter on the comments. EXPAND ME = TIMESTAMPS NEARLY 20 MINS... Hope this was worth it lol. ANYWAYS HERES Enkanomiya Lore based on the Book; Before the Sun & Moon. Timestamps will be based on the Chapters of The Book: 00:00 Start 01:22 First God Phanes, The Primordial One and the Seven Soverign Dragons 03:56 Enkanomiya Lore / First God Phanes Creating Enkanomiya 06:32 The Second One vs Phanes the primordial one 07:15 When Enkanomiya Fell 08:58 Dainichi Mikoshi 09:36 Enkanomiya Banned by Primordial one 10:32 The Gapped Years of The Sun and Moon 11:41 The 10th Year 12:20 Parable of The Sun 12:39 Parable of The Leithid Lotus 14:00 Parable of The Tree 16:31 Post-Lore Theory 18:55 End EVERYTHING related to GENSHIN IMPACT HERE!!! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 (ALL but Korean and Japanese) Discord: 🤍 (ALL but Chinese) Reddit: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Forums: 🤍 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA HERE!!! post memes on Facebook:🤍 rarely use Twitter: 🤍 barely post on Instagram:🤍 ihave a tiktok now!!: 🤍

How Paimon LEAKED Her Own Identity | Genshin Impact Theory


In this Genshin Impact Theory video, I will attempt to speculate on who Paimon really is. Is she the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles? The God of Time? A Seelie? Interestingly, we've already got a lot of clues in regards to finally explaining who Paimon is, because Paimon LEAKED her own identity without any of us realizing it. This is the first video of my five part Genshin Impact Theory series. Throughout these videos, I will speculate on the entire story of Genshin Impact. But before we discuss everything about the game, we need to first try and identity who Paimon actually is. Is it possible that Paimon actually leaked her own identity throughout the game and we just didnt know about it? And what is the meaning of the False Sky that Scaramouche mentioned? What are the secrets hidden behind the world of Genshin Impact and the existence of the traveler? Hopefully this is a good starting to point to finally uncover the entire story of Genshin Impact. #genshinimpact #hoyoverse #animerpg ㅇ Become a Member!: ㅡ 🤍 ㅇ Follow me for news and updates! ㅡ Twitter: 🤍 ㅇ Join the community for more gaming fun! ㅡ Discord: 🤍

PRIMORDIAL ONE PENCIPTA CELESTIA? 😲 #genshinimpact #shorts


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The Forgotten God in Genshin Impact! #shorts


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Who Are The Four Descenders? [Genshin Impact Lore and Theory]


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Griseo is Genshin's Supreme GOD - How Teyvat is the Result of Project: Ark | Genshin x Honkai Theory


Both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd are part of the same Multiverse. This was confirmed by the developers themselves in multiple interviews. Because of this, fans of both games have tried to find something that could link them together. Thus, the Project: Ark theory was born. In this video, I will tell you everything we know about Project: Ark, and propose a theory that could finally link Genshin and Honkai Impact together. Since we finally know the fate of Project: Ark due to the Elysian Realm and Elysium Everlasting storylines, we now know that the person who went with the Ark is Griseo. Genshin's Supreme GOD, a.k.a. the Primordial One shares many thematic similarities with Griseo. This theory proposes that the Primordial One is Griseo who embarked on the Ark with the human genome library at the end of the PE. While drifting through space for thousands of years, Griseo – who had unlimited potential for creation, became a being capable of altering reality and creating life using her paintings. She ended up in Teyvat and used her powers to paint the 4 shades, fought the seven sovereign dragon-lords, painted the sky and earth anew to make sure that the planet is habitable, and then used the human genome library from Project Ark to restore humanity. Finally, she painted Celestia in the sky - where she wanted to live for the rest of her days. Now, this theory still has many inconsistencies, and to be completely frank, even I don't think that it will be ever confirmed. There are also a lot of connections that hint toward Griseo being more connected to the Sky People and APHO rather than Genshin, but, alas… it's fun to theorize. Even if the two have absolutely no connection to each other, it’s clear that HoYoverse used the story of Noah’s Ark – or Teyvat Noah in Hebrew – as a core theme for both characters. At the end of the day, this is just a theory… It doesn’t have to be true, all it needs to be is just a fun idea to discuss between fans of both games that love to find connections and similar thematics. Link to how the Honkai Multiverse Video Works: 🤍 If you want to read more on this theory, I recommend this Reddit thread by u/availableset: 🤍 Please Enjoy! ► Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more Honkai content: 🤍 ► Support me by becoming a MEMBER: 🤍 ►Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ► A Complete Guide to Elysian Realm Lore - Full Story Recap | Honkai Impact 3rd 🤍 ► Who is Aponia? - Flame Chasers Lore Explained | Honkai Impact 3rd: 🤍 ► 7 Interesting Facts About ELYSIA | Honkai Impact 3rd: 🤍 ► Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:34 What is Project: Ark? 6:23 Griseo 9:05 The Primordial One Revealed 13:02 The Demiurge - Subtle Hints 16:14 Recap #honkaiimpact3rd #genshinimpact #griseo

[2.3] 10 Things You Might Not Know About Moons in Genshin Impact


The world of Genshin Impact has a very unique take on its moons. One would expect there to be only one moon, but there are actually more than one moons in this game. It is tied to the spiral abyss, and the crafting table. How do they all link together, this question is still being speculated even today. Here's all the information about the moons in Genshin Impact before you try your reasoning with the moons and the world of Teyvat. I hope you enjoy the video :D 💙 Support me directly Like & Subscribe! Membership: 🤍 📚 Sources Book Heart's Desire Book Records of Jueyun Book Moonlit Bamboo Forest Spiral Abyss 📌 Timestamps 0:00 Facts 2:27 Speculation 2:44 Facts 3:37 Speculation 🎵 Music Yu-Peng Chen 🤍 HOYO-MiX #GenshinImpact #Moon #Story Genshin Impact Three Moon Sisters 3 Moon Sisters

Discussing Ashikai's Theory: Travelers - Primordial One - Teyvat


Hello everybody! This is part two of my discussion about 🤍Ashikai's Theories from her latest series of videos! I highly recommend you watch her videos to better understand what we're going to talk about here but also because her videos are just great and that's all the motivation you need to watch them! Of course, leave her a like and subscribe! Link to Ashikai's Channel: 🤍 [3.2] The Hexenzirkel, Forbidden Knowledge and the Adventurer's Guild - [Part 1 of 3] 🤍 [3.2] What is a "Descender"? [Part 2 of 3] 🤍 [3.3] The God of Time - [Part 3 of 3] 🤍 In these two videos I've analyzed Ashikai's theories and I tried to push them a little further whenever I could, but I also shared my own personal theories and research. In the previous video, Part 1, we focused mainly on Istaroth, The Lord of Flowers and King Deshret. This video, Part 2, will focus on the Traveler, the Primordial One and a figure that we may still don't know (unless you know the alphabet I used in the thumbnail). I really hope you liked the video! As always, if you liked it, don't forget to leave a thumbs up and, if you want to watch more Genshin Impact Theory videos, subscribe and turn the notification bell on! Obviously, feel free to tell me your theories and doubts in the comments. so that we can discuss them together! CONTENTS OF THIS VIDEO 0:00 - Intro and Disclaimers 0:43 – The Old World 2:30 - The True King 2:52 – The People of Teyvat 4:16 – The Book of Genesis 5:52 – The Travelers 11:04 - The Primordial One 11:59 - Teyvat's History Theory 16:40 - Twist in the Story 18:14 - Constellations 20:50 - The Unified Nation 21:28 - Enjou 24:11 - Outro MUSIC Alhaitham Trailer OST EXTENDED - The Exquisite Night Chimes (tnbee mix) _ Genshin Impact BY tnbee 🤍 Kamisato Ayato Theme Music EXTENDED - Fathomless Swirls in the Forest (tnbee mix) Genshin Impact BY tnbee 🤍 Shenhe Theme Music EXTENDED - Crane in the Wild (tnbee mix) Genshin Impact BY tnbee 🤍 Yelan Theme Music EXTENDED - Shadow in the Rain (tnbee mix) _ Genshin Impact BY tnbee 🤍 Alhaitham Teaser OST EXTENDED - Questions and Silence (tnbee mix) _ Genshin Impact BY tnbee 🤍 Nilou Theme Music EXTENDED - Dance of the Delicate Lotus (tnbee mix) _ Genshin Impact BY tnbee 🤍 Irminsul Realm (genshin avatar world) BY traveler sun 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM: shadowx5452gaming 🤍 TIKTOK: shadowx5452gaming 🤍🤍shadowx5452gaming TWITTER: ShadowX5452 Gaming - 🤍shadowx5452g 🤍 #genshinimpact #genshinimpactlore #genshinimpacttheory #mihoyo #hoyoverse #visions #gaming #gamer #videogames

WHO IS PAIMON | Genshin Impact Theory


Hello guys, in today's video we will go through all the Paimon theories Took some inspiration from 🤍chnlw (the triquetra and the imaginary part) and the rest is by myself Paimon fanart by: フラ✿ Their Pixiv user ID: 6149532 timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:09 Is Paimon the Unknown God? 0:48 Is Paimon Istaroth? 1:48 Was Paimon sealed by Morax? 2:14 Is Paimon a Seelie? 2:49 Is Paimon a Moon Goddess? 3:12 Paimon Is the Primordial One 4:01 1-Paimon's Origins 4:57 2-Paimon's Design 6:52 3-Triquetra 7:42 4-Genshin 9:49 5-Paimon's Powers 14:09 6-Conclusion tags: #genshinlore #genshinimpact #genshinimpactlore #genshinimpacttheory #genshintheory #genshin #paimon #celestia #unknowngod

INSANE Truth of Welkin Moon | Genshin Impact Theory


In this Genshin Impact Theory video, I will discuss the biggest secrets hidden behind the Welkin Moon attempt to expose the truth behind the story of Genshin Impact. While we can assume that the Welkin Moon has nothing to do with the story and is a simple mechanic for rewards within the game of Genshin Impact, the Welkin Moon Lady is hiding the biggest secret. A puzzle piece that will explain everything about the lore inside the game. She is quite literally connected to everyone and everything. Unironically, we’ve already seen her inside the game. This video will include stories up to Genshin Impact patch Version 3.5. Everything to do with the ancient civilization, Seelies and the 3 Moon Sisters, the Abyss Order, the Traveler siblings, the memories of the Irminsul, and even spanning from Nahida to Venti. This video is part two of my long going series of the structure of the world in Genshin Impact. Part 1 of the series can be found here: 🤍 Welcome to EXPOSING Welkin Moon’s BIGGEST SECRETS #genshinimpact #genshin #hoyoverse Please support and check out the two artists who drew the Welkin Moon Lady within this video! Qatalyse ㅇ 🤍 ㅇ 🤍 Pan ㅇ 🤍 ㅇ 🤍 IslandXD Socials ㅇ Become a Member!: 🤍 ㅇ Tip Link: 🤍 ㅇ I also livestream on Twitch!: 🤍 ㅇ Follow me for news and updates: 🤍 ㅇ Join the community for more gaming fun: 🤍 00:00 Who is the Welkin Moon Lady? 00:36 3 Moon Sisters and the Seelie Race 01:52 First Moon 03:01 Second Moon 03:42 Deciphering of the Final Moon 05:11 Location of the Final Moon 06:16 Names of the 3 Moon Sisters 07:49 Venti and the Moon 09:11 Wind and Time 11:03 The Four Shades 14:07 The Truth

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